Direct Deposit & Routing Number

Save time and money by taking advantage of North County CU services that get your money where you want it to go automatically - without having to stand in a teller line!

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of a payment into your account. The payment can be divided among several different accounts and, in many cases, between different financial institutions.

Payroll Deduction is the most popular application of Direct Deposit. You initiate Payroll Deduction with your employer by giving them your North County CU routing number, account number, and an indication of whether you want all or a portion of your paycheck deposited.

Direct Deposit can also be used for many other types of payments, including:

  • Tax refunds
  • Social Security or other government payments
  • Annuity payments
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Dividend and interest payments
  • Pension distributions
  • Travel expense reimbursements
  • Vendor payments

How to sign up for direct deposit

Your payroll office or another payer will ask you to complete a form to authorize the direct deposit and give instructions about where to send your payments.

Here is the information you will need about North County CU:

North County Credit Union
P.O. Box 289014
San Diego, CA 92198-9014
858-487-1880 or toll free at 855-487-1880

  • North County CU's bank routing/transit (ABA) #: 3 2 2 2 8 1 4 5 5
  • Your checking or savings account (for example, your 8-digit account number: ( 8 X X X X X X X)
  • Your account number can be found on your account statement.

If you need assistance, we would be happy to help you set up your direct deposit.

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