Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Have unexpected car repairs or medical bills? Want to take a dream vacation, consolidate bills or pay your taxes? We have low-rate loan options to fit your needs.

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Personal Choice Loan

  • Borrow up to $5,000
  • Terms up to 36-months
  • Fixed rate and monthly payments
  • $35 minimum monthly payment

Checking Line Of Credit

Share Secured & Certificate Loans

  • Our least expensive loans
  • Great to establish or re-establish your credit
  • Loan amount is matched to funds available in your Membership Savings Account or Investment Certificate
  • Requires that savings or certificate funds equal to the outstanding loan balance remain in a North County CU account for the duration of the loan
  • For Share Secured Loans, as loan is paid off, more funds become available to you
  • For Certificate Loans, loan term must equal the term of the Investment Certificate
  • Pledged funds in Membership Savings or Investment Certificate continue to earn dividends

Consider Payment Protection options

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