Get North County CU financing at the Dealership

As a North County CU member, you have the option to get your credit union vehicle financing approved and funded right at the dealer.

Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL)

North County CU's participation in the Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL®) dealer network makes this possible.

  • Currently available at auto dealers displaying the CUDL logo
  • Apply while at the dealership

How It Works

  • Visit any participating CUDL dealer and identify yourself as a North County CU member
  • The CUDL system is available anytime during the dealership's business hours
  • Request your North County CU financing through the CUDL system
  • Review a list of participating dealers near you (check back often as Dealers are always being added)

AutoSMART Vehicle Research

Credit Union Direct Lending® (CUDL) manages a dealer network available to North County CU members called AutoSMART. Using AutoSMART, you can research a vehicle and apply for credit union financing online.

Online services include:

  • A complete list of participating dealers
  • Vehicle inventory search for selected dealers
  • Vehicle comparisons and vehicle history checks
  • Check your vehicle trade-in value

Visit AutoSMART Now

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for further information

Apply now
or apply by phone at 858-487-1880 (toll-free at 855-487-1880) for an auto loan so you know in advance how much you can afford

It is important that you negotiate all aspects of the purchase (as you would with any dealer). Neither North County CU nor CUDL has agreements with dealers that affect vehicle prices. North County CU does not endorse individual dealers.