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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is BuxBack?

A: BuxBack is a free member cash rewards program that allows you to securely register your existing credit/debit cards and earn cash back (aka BuxBack) when using their registered cards at participating merchants. Once you’ve earned at least $25 cash back in your BuxBack account, you will receive a cash credit to your primary card on file the following month. You can also choose to automatically donate a percentage or all of your cash back to a partnering nonprofit of your choice. BuxBack is a win-win-win opportunity for merchants, consumers and charities!

  • No additional cards to carry
  • No phone numbers to memorize
  • Get coupon pricing without the coupons
  • Support a charity without digging into your own pocket

Q: Are the BuxBack enrollment process and Member Back Office secure?

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, verified by the Visa® U.S.A. Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), whose reviews are based on the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Visa® certified third-party processor (TPP)
  • Certified end-point processor for American Express®
  • 128-bit encryption protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • VeriSign-approved, the Internet security global leader
  • MD5 encryption technology for card protection
  • Secure user password authentication

Q: Does registering my cards with BuxBack void my current rewards (Miles, Points, Cash, etc.)?

A: Absolutely not! With BuxBack, you get to earn our cash back IN ADDITION to your current rewards. Earn Miles AND BuxBack or Points AND BuxBack or Cash AND BuxBack. You basically get to “Double Dip” your rewards and enhance your credit/debit cards with BuxBack.

Q: Why do I have to register a credit/debit card with BuxBack?

A: By securely registering your credit/debit cards with BuxBack, they are able to track your qualified transactions and properly credit the appropriate account with the correct cash back amount. Their secure technology allows you to freely shop without presenting special cards, coupons, or codes. As per their Privacy Policy and Terms, they will never charge your credit card without your permission.

Q: Can I register additional credit/debit cards?

A: Absolutely. Simply log into your Member Back Office and click the link titled ‘ADD CARD’. If you are a company with multiple employees using company credit/debit cards, you can register up to 25 different cards with the cash back being credited to a primary company card on file (26 or more cards can be arranged by contacting BuxBack directly).

Q: Is there a cash back maximum that can be earned?

A: No. Shop and earn with no concern of limits.

Q: When and how is my cash back delivered to me?

A: The qualified transaction and cash back amount is viewable approximately 72 hours later in your Member Back Office (exceptions may apply depending on the merchant so always reference the Merchant Detail page for any special notes). Your actual cash back will then be automatically credited to the primary card on file the following month less any amounts you elected to donate to a partnering nonprofit organization(s)

Q: Do I have to tell a merchant that I am a BuxBack member in order to receive cash back?

A: You can, but you’re not required to do so. One of the many benefits of the BuxBack program is the discretion that their technology provides. Since your transaction is linked back to your Member Back Office to your registered credit/debit card, you simply shop like normal and BuxBack will do the rest. With BuxBack:

  • You do not have to notify the merchant
  • You do not have to carry additional cards
  • You do not have to present an ID card
  • You do not have to print, clip and present coupons
  • You do not have to remember a phone number
  • You do not have to share a special code

Q: When am I eligible to earn cash back?

A: You’re eligible immediately upon the completion of your secure online enrollment.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Enrolling is fast, secure and best of all FREE! Click here to launch BuxBack’s secure enrollment form or click any of the ‘ENROLL’ links/buttons presented on the North County Credit Union site. The BuxBack’s enrollment process includes setting up a secure login Password which gives you access to your Member Back Office where you can view your cash back balances, transactions, update your profile, and more.

Q: What information is necessary for enrolling?

A: Only a few items of information are necessary for secure enrollment. Please provide:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Zip code
  • Credit/debit card number and expiration date
  • Birth Date (optional)
  • Cell Phone (optional)

Q: What is in my Member Back Office?

A: All members will receive a secure Member Back Office upon enrollment. The login button is located on the North County Credit Union BuxBack web page. Accessing your Member Back Office requires your Username and personally created Password. Once logged in, you will have access to the following:

  • Merchant search feature
  • Summarized account info for quick status of your cash back and donations (current month and year-to-date)
  • BuxBack Rewards tab – Track your cash back balance and detailed transaction history
  • Account Info tab – Update your profile and membership information (name, password, email address, cell phone, birth date, etc.)
  • Cards tab – Manage your credit/debit card information and expiration date and/or add more cards
  • Fundraisers tab – Manage your selected nonprofit organizations

Q: Can I issue my cash back to someone else?

A: No. However, you can donate your cash to a partnering nonprofit organization.

Q: Do I have to submit any paperwork when a purchase is made?

A: No. BuxBack’s secure platform seamlessly tracks each qualified transaction and automatically credits your primary card on file.

Q: Do backorders, returns and/or exchanges affect my rewards earned from a purchase?

A: Yes. Your reward for an affected transaction may be reduced or removed from your Member Back Office if that transaction is returned to the merchant.

Q: Do I have to shop at a participating BuxBack merchant in order to earn a BuxBack Reward?

A: Yes. You can locate participating merchants via the merchant search feature located on the North County Credit Union BuxBack web page and in your Member Back Office. Remember to view the merchant detail page for their current offers.

Q: What is the net transaction amount used to determine my BuxBack Reward?

A: Your cash reward is earned on the net amount of eligible purchases. Each merchant determines eligible purchases. In most cases, tips, taxes, special handling charges, returns, freight or shipping costs and any unshipped products are not included in the cash back calculation. You should always reference the merchant detail page for special notes.

Q. How do I receive emails from BuxBack?

A: During your enrollment, be sure to enter a current email address and mark the checkbox opting in for email correspondence. Also check the Account Info tab in your Member Back Office to ensure the email opt-in checkbox is marked. We also recommend that you add our addresses,,, and to your Address Book or Safe Senders List. If you opt out, you will still receive administrative emails about your account (i.e., confirmations of account changes, etc.). Please allow up to 30 days for emails to discontinue after opting out.

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