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BuxBack is a free member cash rewards program that allows you to securely register your North County Credit Union Visaģ Check Card, and other credit/debit cards if you choose, to earn cash back (aka BuxBack) when you use it at participating merchants.

There are no additional cards to carry, no phone numbers to memorize and you wonít have to clip and save any coupons! Itís as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: ENROLL
Enroll for free and securely register your existing credit/debit cards to start earning cash back from participating merchants.
Step 2: SPEND
Find local participating merchants using the search feature on the BuxBack portal and start spending at those locations, like you normally would, using your enrolled card(s).
Step 3: EARN
Get 5%-50% cash back (BuxBack) whenever you spend with participating merchant. Once youíve earned at least $25 cash back in your BuxBack account, you will receive a cash credit to your primary card on file the following month.

You can also choose to automatically donate a percentage or all of your cash back to a partnering nonprofit of your choice. BuxBack is a win-win-win opportunity for merchants, credit union members and charities!

Itís completely FREE!
Securely enroll your existing credit/debit cards for free. Weíll never charge your card and itís secure.

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