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Getting Started With Internet Teller

Yes, it's true! There's no line to wait in. Internet Teller is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Conduct your transactions from your home, office or anywhere around the world. Just think...a North County CU branch is available wherever you go. Here's what you'll need and what you'll need to know to get started:

Hardware & Software Requirements
How To Log On To Internet Teller
Internet Teller Safety Practices

Hardware & Software Requirements
Hardware and software requirements to use our Internet Teller service include:

  • IBM compatible (with Windows) or Macintosh personal computer hardware.
  • Internet access and a secure browser (either Netscape Version 3.0 or above; or Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 3.02 or above; or a browser with secure server compatibility).
  • You can download a browser from Netscape® or Microsoft® from our home page free of charge. Make sure your browser accepts "cookies."

How To Log On To Internet Teller
You'll be off and running in no time. Just follow these simple steps (print these instructions by selecting your browser's print icon while viewing this page):

  1. Click on the Internet Teller Log On icon found on our home page or click on the "Online Services" button on our navigation bar and select Internet Teller Log On.

  2. Enter your North County CU Membership Savings Account number when asked to enter your "User Number" on the Internet Teller log on screen.

  3. When asked to enter your "Password", enter your TeleTeller (our bank by phone) PIN number. If you don't have a TeleTeller PIN, call our Information Center at (858) 487-1880 during regular business hours and a Member Service Representative will assist you in obtaining one.

  4. A user menu is presented upon verification of your information.

  5. To activate the Internet Teller Online Bill Payment option, you must register for this service.

  6. Please note the following regarding account transfers:
    • Transfers take place immediately providing there are no holds on the funds. However, these transactions are not updated on your ATM account balances until the following business day.
    • Funds can be transferred only between North County CU accounts with the same member number. As a security measure, the system does not support transfers to accounts with a different member number or transfers to other financial institutions. Transfers may also be affected by Federal Regulation D, please refer to our Internet Teller Disclosure & Agreement (a copy will appear on your computer screen after you log on for the first time).

  7. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, there is an excellent "Help" menu on Internet Teller. Otherwise email or call our Information Center at (858) 487-1880.

  8. Review our Internet Teller Safety Practices found below and additional information on our optional Online Bill Payment Service...then you're off and running!

Internet Teller Safety Practices
We recognize that the security and privacy of your transactions is important. Please keep the following in mind when conducting Internet Teller transactions:

  • Internet Teller automatically defaults to a time-out feature of 5 minutes. This means that after being logged on for 5 minutes, the session will time out and log you off the system. This is a security feature. This prevents others from accessing your account information should you leave your computer unattended or accidentally left on. To lengthen the session time-out, select the "User's Options" menu and follow the steps to increase the time allowance up to one hour.

  • For security reasons, do not give your Internet Teller Password to others. To change your Internet Teller Password select the "User's Options" menu and follow the steps provided.

  • As an added security feature, Internet Teller access is denied after 5 consecutive invalid log-on attempts. In this event, access can only be reactivated through our Information Center during regular business hours at (858) 487-1880.

  • When you finish your Internet Teller session, always click on the EXIT button before going anywhere else on the Web. This ends your account access.

  • All Internet Teller transactions are written in a CGI file format. By design, the CGI format cannot be saved in a cache file. This ensures that no one can view your account information by accessing your cache file. To learn more about our extensive security and privacy practices regarding our Internet Branch Web site and Internet Teller service, click here.

There's no line at our Internet Teller's window! We're ready if you are. Click here to log on.