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Benefits For Your Employees

Managing a company's Employee Benefits Program in today's marketplace is a formidable task. Providing your employees with excellent benefits doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Why not offer your employees the benefit of a North County CU membership at no cost.

Offering Your Employees Credit Union Membership Is Smart
You can't go wrong with North County CU. Our program will:
  • Enhance your Employee Benefit Program to assist in attracting and retaining key employees.
  • Reduce payroll expenses when you use our payroll and/or direct deposit services. Learn more about our Online Payroll Services.
  • Improve your employees' benefits for no cost and little administration.
  • Provide piece of mind. There is no financial or legal risk in offering Credit Union membership to your employees.
  • Save time and money for your employees because they will have access to low cost, convenient services and superior rates.
  • Confidentiality and protection. All financial matters between North County CU and your employees are kept strictly confidential.

Requirements To Sponsor North County CU Membership
All it takes for your company to sponsor Credit Union membership is:
  • A willingness to communicate this benefit to your employees on an ongoing basis (e.g., distribute no-cost Credit Union material in new hire kits, payroll inserts, flyers, posters.)
  • An employee to serve as a contact with North County CU and coordinate internal communication efforts of this employee benefit.
  • Meet eligibility requirements as set by the federal government.

It's Easy To Get Your Company Started
Adding North County CU Membership to your Employee Benefits Program is free and easy!
  • There are no enrollment or ongoing fees.
  • A North County CU Business Development Representative will handle all the details for you.
  • For more information or to sign up, email or call our Business Development Team at (858) 487-1880 Ext. 3211. A Business Development Representative will contact you immediately to discuss your needs and send more information.