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Welcome to our Web site, our Internet Branch. Need help navigating our site? Concerned about your privacy and the security measures taken by North County CU? Please select any of the topics below. Read on and email us your comments and suggestions.

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e-Statements/Statement of Account Disclosure

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Member Privacy Policy Disclosure
Please review our Federal Privacy Policy Disclosure and our California Privacy Policy. You must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader in order to view this file.

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About Links/3rd Party Software
Links from or to Web sites outside†North County Credit Union's Web site are meant for convenience only. North County Credit Union does not review, endorse, approve or control, and is not responsible for any sites linked from or to North County Credit Union's site, the content of those sites, the third parties named therein, or their products and services. Linking to any other site is at your sole risk and North County Credit Union†will not be responsible or liable for any damages in connection with linking. Links to†sites to dowload software are for convenience only and North County Credit Union is not responsible or liable for any difficulties or consequences associated with downloading the software. Use of any downloaded software is governed by the terms of the license agreement, if any, which accompanies or is provided with the software.

North County CU treats security with the utmost seriousness. We provide a state-of-the-art security system to protect any transaction conducted on the Internet.

Learn more about our account authentication and Internet Teller (online banking) security measures.

e-Statements/Statement of Account Disclosure

Please review your Statement as soon as you receive it and retain it as it is your permanent record.

If this Statement is in error, please notify North County Credit Unionís Member Services Department at the following address and furnish information necessary to effect correction.† If no difference is reported within (60) sixty days, this statement will be considered correct.

North County Credit Union

17045 Via Del Campo

San Diego, CA 92127-1711

(858) 487-1880

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please write to the above address care of the Supervisory Committee.

Regulation Z Disclosure


If you think your bill is wrong, or if you need more information about a transaction on your statement, write us on a separate sheet at the address shown above as soon as possible.† We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the first statement on which the error or problem appeared.† (You can call or email us, but doing so will not preserve your rights.)

In your letter, give us the following information:

  • Your name and account number.
  • The dollar amount of the suspected error.
  • Describe the error and explain, if you can, why you believe there is an error.† If you need more information, describe the item of which you are unsure.

You do not have to pay any amount in question while we are investigating, but you are still obligated to pay the parts of your bill that are not in question.† While we investigate your question, we cannot report you as delinquent or take any action to collect the amount in question.

Regulation E Disclosure


Call, write or email us at the address or telephone number listed above as soon as you can if you think your statement or receipt is wrong or if you need more information about a transfer on the statement or receipt.† We must hear from you no later than sixty (60) days after we sent you the FIRST statement on which the error or problem appeared.

  1. Tell us your name and account number.
  2. Describe the error or transfer you are unsure about, and explain why you believe there is an error or why you need more information.
  3. Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error.

We will investigate your question and will correct any error promptly.† If we take more than ten (10) business days to do this, we will provisionally credit your account for the amount you think is in error, so that you will have use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation.

Regulation D Disclosure

In compliance with Federal Banking Regulation D, during any calendar month you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another North County Credit Union account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, remote access device, or telephonic order, or instruction.† This also includes withdrawals for Overdraft Protection, transfers, and withdrawals made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Merchant Point of Sale terminals.† No more than three of the six transfers may be made by check (if applicable to the account) or similar order to a third party.† Checking accounts are not subject to these limitations.

Finance Charge Calculation

Each loan marked with an (*) is an open end loan.† FINANCE CHARGES on loans are computed by a daily periodic rate applied to the unpaid balance for the exact number of days since your most recent loan or payment.† The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE and the daily periodic rate are shown on the Statement.† There is no grace period.† FINANCE CHARGE begins immediately upon disbursement.